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    Anissa Lea's journey as a singer/songwriter is truly captivating, blending her soulful voice with influences from Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Motown, and classic standards. Her ability to infuse her renditions with a personal touch, as seen in songs like "Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You" and "Trapped Inside," showcases her unique style and powerful vocals.

   Her musical roots, stemming from a household filled with various genres, allowed her to explore her individuality freely. Inspired by legendary artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Dinah Washington, Peggy Lee, and Barrett Strong, Anissa Lea found a deep connection to classic Jazz sounds and aspired to embody the spirit of her musical heroes.

   The release of her debut album, simply titled "Anissa Lea," in 2020, marked a significant milestone. Collaborating with her producer Alex Greene, they carefully selected songs that resonated with her on a personal level, creating a collection that showcased her vocal range and emotional depth. Greene's guidance and musical direction played a crucial role in shaping Anissa Lea into a skilled songwriter.

   Her accomplishments speak volumes about her talent and dedication. Headlining her own show at the "Detroit International Jazz Festival" at the age of 17 is a remarkable achievement, making her the youngest artist to do so. Recognition as one of the "Top 100 Unsigned Artists of 2022" by Music Connection Magazine further solidifies her rising status in the music industry.

   As Anissa Lea continues to evolve as an artist, her upcoming originals like "Different," "I Need to Know," "Face to Face," "Empty Boulevard," and "Buried" promise to take listeners on an emotional musical journey. With a commitment to sharing her inner thoughts and emotions through her compositions, Anissa Lea is undoubtedly a rising star to watch in the world of smooth jazz scatting. The future holds exciting prospects for this talented and passionate artist.

"Anissa's voice is the most gorgeous voice I have ever heard, because in essence it captures her heart and soul and in return captures ours."

         - Tom Gelardi Former Promotions at Capitol Records

The Disc Recording Studio

"Anissa has a sense of craft and ability. There is a natural talent level that I would have guessed would come from someone a lot further along in their career.” 
                                       - Chris Collins, President and Artistic Director of the Detroit Jazz Festival

"Anissa's talent is big time. Her amazing vocal range embodies the greats from  Dinah Washington to Amy Winehouse. And you can't help, but wonder if they are communicating with her. Anissa is a phenomenal talent on her way to the top.                                                                        - Sheldon Kay, former Attorney for Aretha Franklin

The Rock & Roll Lawyer Show

"Anissa is a new singer from Detroit, who is paving her way from the Motor City into the national spotlight with a

a definitive voice and talent beyond her years."

    -John Jaszcz seven-time Grammy award winning

Producer and Mix Engineer

"Anissa's authentic vocal style and original sound is a rare combination that indicates the talent and immortality of a true hit artist.” 

                                       - Alex Greene six-time Emmy winning

Executive Producer The Greene Group

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